Testimonials Hill Cities: I lead a Hill Cities group.
What I experience is that by praying for revelation and studying the word together as a group, I have seen how the Spirit delivers new insights and applications of His truth. Each man has been a sounding piece for the Spirit to reveal and deliver divine understanding This has been a profound blessing to me.
Bruce Eaton , Founder, CEO e-10 Digital Marketing Agency

Hill Cities has helped me to consistently dig deeper into the Word each week.
It is so refreshing talking through the bible with other like-minded men and hearing others wisdom on different verses. I now lead the group!
Joe Bertilson , Financial Advisor

Daily obligations, routines and simply drift of life always seemed to pull me away from “abiding” in Christ.
I tried under my own power to engage in bible devotions on my phone which helped but it wasn’t enough. Small groups at church just didn’t go deep enough to cure my hunger for the Word. And then I found Hill Cities. I am not a morning person but ever since I attended my first Hill Cities bible study five months ago I have not missed. My hunger for the Word is being met head on! This one little study is acting as a catalyst to “being a light” with the rest of my life on a more consistent basis. I’m so glad Hill Cities came into my life.
Joseph A. Field , Esq.

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