My grandson’s Zach and Zane went with me on a backpacking trip in the mountains of Colorado. What a great time. I wondered how a 16 and 14 year old would do with the big packs and the high altitudes. (I wondered how I would do, too.) All went exceptionally well.

Most of all my Grandson Zach opened his heart to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord!

This summer we had lots of activities going on. We have done a couple of golf, boating and shooting events.
We have 8 groups of men that are meeting each week. Our mission is clarified and developed from Jesus’ prayer of John 17. He prays for 3 things:

  1. That his followers (including us) would be “sanctified in the truth.” This is to help them know who they are in Christ and what they are to do.
  2. He then prays for “oneness” of Spirit with him! His spiritual presence in us is the difference maker!
  3. He shares his “glory” with us! That God’s life would be evident!

Here is a testimony of one of our guys:

It says in the Bible (in so many words) that whoever delves into the Word and is receptive to the Spirit, abides in Christ, Christ will abide in him. The daily obligations, routines and simply drift of life always seemed to pull me away from “abiding” in Christ. I tried under my own power to engage in bible devotions on my phone which helped but it wasn’t enough. Small groups at church just didn’t go deep enough to cure my hunger for the Word. I would have momentary interactions with other Christians which would be encouraging, even enlighting but then the mundaneness of life would return. And then I found Hill Cities. Now I love my Thursday mornings now at 7 a.m.! I am not a morning person but ever since I attended my first Hill Cities bible study five months ago I have not missed except for once while on vacation. My hunger for the Word is being met head on! And the guys who contribute to the discussion ask such good questions and have illuminating perspectives. This one little study is acting as a catalyst to “being a light” with the rest of my life on a more consistent basis. I’m so glad Hill Cities came into my life. I really mean it! –
Joe Field, Esq.

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    1. Jeff. The greatest gift a Grandfather can give his grandson is sharing the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ!! Love being a member of Hill Cities growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ with other brothers inChrist. DTS

  1. The boys will remember this forever. 50 years from now they will talk about it. That’s a great legacy

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