Jesus, the Ultimate Male Role Model

Jesus as the Ultimate Male Role Model

Throughout history, the figure of Jesus Christ has stood as a beacon of virtue, compassion, and strength. His life and teachings have provided us with a timeless template for what it means to be a man, offering an ideal that transcends cultures and eras. In a time where the concept of manhood faces unprecedented scrutiny and confusion, Jesus’ example is more relevant than ever. His manliness and role as a male model are not just aspects of his identity; they are central to who he is and what he represents.

The crisis of manhood we witness today can be traced to a broader crisis of faith, where Christianity’s core, centered on Jesus, has been marginalized or misunderstood.


The Top Three Lessons on Wisdom From the Bible

Wisdom seems to be one of the rarest virtues in the world. An entire book is dedicated to wisdom in the Bible. Scholars generally agree that Jesus Christ Himself identifies with Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 8.

Could these three situations rank as the top three lessons on wisdom in the entire Bible?


What Would Jesus’ Commencement Speech Sound Like?

For many students, it’s graduation time. Commencement speeches will be echoing throughout America in the weeks to come. What would Jesus’ commencement speech sound like if He was invited to give one?

What would He have to say to the young people getting ready to step out into the world?


3,000 baptized. But where?

Pentecost Sunday is coming up. And while the baptism of the Spirit remains a contentious issue in the Christian world, water baptism isn’t much behind when it comes to controversy.

On the Day of Pentecost 3,000 Jews who had come to Jerusalem for the great feast of Shavuot, heard the apostle Peter preach and accepted his message, accepting Jesus as the Messiah of Israel.


The wisdom of three Christian literary giants for our day and age

As we watch the Western world getting swept into political turmoil, it’s worth remembering something similar was happening in the 19th century, during which time three great Christian men left a remarkable literary legacy for the world.


The Role of Biblical Unity in Family, Church, and in the Country

America seems so divided right now. Where do we go from here. It might help us to look at the cure for division – God’s Word!

Unity is a foundational principle deeply rooted in the teachings of the Bible, emphasizing the oneness between God and man, as well as between people.


Nurturing Mental Health and Well-being: A Biblical Perspective for Men

In recent years, the discourse on mental health and well-being has gained significant attention, and rightfully so. Within the Christian community, the topic of mental health among men has specifically come to the forefront as a crucial area of focus.


Christianity and Science – Competing or Complementing?

Throughout history, the Bible has served as a foundational text for Christians, providing guidance, moral principles, and explanations for the world around them. However, with the rise of modern science, there has been a noticeable shift in how Christians perceive and prioritize the authority of the Bible.


How AI can be used by Christians for godly purposes

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is an inevitable reality that is shaping our world in profound ways. As technology continues to advance, the applications of AI are expanding rapidly, permeating various aspects of our lives. For Christians, this technological revolution presents both challenges and opportunities to harness the power of AI for the greater good.