“O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you” (Psalm 63:1)

We know many people have negative attitudes toward the state of the world in general and America in particular. The general consensus is that America is post-Christian, and we’re on the losing side of the recent cultural trend.

However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend among Christian men in America towards seeking a closer relationship with Jesus, even in the face of a cultural landscape that is increasingly influenced by post-modernism and materialism. Despite the many distractions and temptations that these cultural forces offer, many Christian men are recognizing the importance of deepening their faith and establishing a closer connection with Jesus. We’re seeing this evidence of this on a weekly basis right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota – through our ministry Hill Cities but also through other ministries.

One factor that has driven this trend is the growing awareness among Christian men of the importance of spiritual growth and development. Many Christian men today understand that a relationship with Jesus is not just about gaining salvation, but about growing in wisdom, love, and compassion. By seeking a closer relationship with Jesus, Christian men are recognizing that this spiritual growth can provide them with a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life.

Another factor that has driven this trend is the recognition of the importance of community. Many Christian men are seeking to connect with others who share their faith and to participate in spiritual activities and events that can help them deepen their relationship with Jesus. Through church groups, Bible studies, and other faith-based activities, Christian men are seeking to build meaningful relationships with others who are on the same spiritual journey.

The impact of modern technology and media has also played a role in this trend. With the increasing availability of online resources and tools, such as Bible study software and online worship services, Christian men are able to access spiritual guidance and support from the comfort of their own homes. This accessibility has helped many Christian men establish a closer relationship with Jesus, even as they face the distractions and temptations of modern life.

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