Few years ago, I embarked on a journey into the Book of Romans. At that time I took with me the men who are part of Hill Cities. I hope you can join us as I revisit my series on Romans and make it available to my online audience.

Why Romans?

Amongst sacred scriptures, the Book of Romans stands as a beacon of profound revelation. Coleridge hailed it as “the most profound book in existence,” and Tyndale recognized it as “a light unto the whole of scripture.” Every word within its pages is believed to be divinely inspired, a testament to its significance. At it’s core lies the concept of identity, the essence of who we are as individuals and as a collective body of believers.

Understanding Identity in Christ

Identity, defined as the fact of being who or what a person or thing is, encompasses the qualities that distinguish us from others. In Romans, we encounter Paul, who, in his opening address, identifies himself as a bond-servant of Christ Jesus, a chosen apostle, set apart for the proclamation of the Gospel. This serves as a powerful reminder that our identities are intricately tied to our callings in Christ.

Why do we often find ourselves unfulfilled when seeking identity outside of Christ? The answer lies in our very creation – we were made in the image of God, designed to mirror His glory. When we attempt to find our identity apart from Christ, we inadvertently seek to glorify ourselves. Yet, this pursuit leads only to a hollow emptiness, a void that can never be truly satisfied.

The Significance of True Identity in Christ

Discovering our true identity in Christ is a transformative revelation. It demands that we cast aside any image of ourselves that does not align with God’s design. It calls us to reject the labels and definitions others impose, and instead embrace God’s perspective: that we are His beloved creations, cherished and accepted through the sacrificial love of Christ. In Him, we find acceptance and completion, no longer bound by the need to strive or perform for God’s favor.

The Challenge for Men

For men, accepting this truth can be a formidable challenge. Societal pressures often dictate that a man’s worth is tied to his accomplishments and performance. However, the essence of our identity in Christ is that it is a gift, freely given and not earned through toil or achievements.

Taking Action: Cultivating Spiritual Identity

Accountability is paramount on this journey. Men are encouraged to assess their understanding of their spiritual identity and take intentional steps to deepen it. Engaging with the Word through reading, prayer, meditation, and seeking discussions through sermons and podcasts are vital practices in this endeavor.

Hill Cities stands as a sanctuary for men seeking to embark on a deeper spiritual journey. It is a community that fosters a collective pursuit of true identity in Christ, unlocking the potential to fulfill the destinies set before them.

And finally, Romans is not just a book of scripture; it is a roadmap guiding us toward a profound revelation of who we are in Christ. As Christian men, let us embrace this truth, for in Christ, we are loved, accepted, and defined. In Him, we find our ultimate purpose and fulfillment.

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Jeff Hagen
President & Founder
Hill Cities, Inc.

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