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Looking where we are at in the United States and in the West as a whole, being a Christian man can be challenging. There are cultural pressures to conform to secular values, traditional family structures are eroding, and men are expected to be self-sufficient and independent. However, as Christian men, we are called to rise up and make a difference. Two men made a difference, each in his own way, during their lifetime. We can emulate their example today, everyone in his own way and timing.

Living out your faith with conviction and courage As Christian men, we must have a strong personal relationship with God, not just loyalty to a church or a denomination. This means regularly spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, and seeking to understand and follow God’s will for our lives. With a deep and personal conviction for our faith, we can live it out with courage and purpose, even in the face of opposition or challenges. This goes way beyond the social aspect of loyalty to a religious body.

One example of this is Daniel in the Bible, who remained faithful to God even when it was illegal to do so. He was thrown into a lion’s den as punishment, but God protected him and used him to spread his message. When we live out our faith with conviction and courage, we can inspire others and make a positive difference in the world. The Prophet Daniel made a difference by going way beyond just being a religious Jew. He was a true man of God who knew the Master closely.

Being spiritual like Daniel and making a difference begins at home. As Christian men, we are called to be leaders in our families. This means loving our wives as Christ loved the church, and being a godly example to our children. We must provide for our families, protect them, and teach them the ways of God.

Being a good father is especially important, as children look to their dads for guidance and support. As we prioritize spending time with our children and teach them about God’s love and grace, we model godly behavior. When we lead our families with love and purpose, we can have a positive impact for generations to come.

But it doesn’t end at home. As Christian men, we are called to impact society with truth, not only grace. This means being a positive influence in our communities, sharing the love of Christ with those around us, and standing up for truth and justice. We must seek to make a positive impact wherever we are, whether it’s at work, in our neighborhoods, or through volunteer work.

One inspiring example of a Christian man who made a difference in his community is William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was a British politician and social reformer who lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s. He is best known for leading the campaign to abolish the transatlantic slave trade, which was a brutal and inhumane practice that involved capturing Africans and transporting them to the Americas to be sold into slavery.

But what was the motivation behind his campaign? Wilberforce was a committed Christian who believed that slavery was incompatible with Christian values. He used his position in parliament to speak out against the slave trade and push for its abolition, despite facing fierce opposition from those who benefited from the trade. He persevered in his efforts, eventually succeeding in 1807 when the British parliament passed a law banning the transatlantic slave trade.

Wilberforce’s life and legacy are relevant to men today for several reasons. Like him, we can be men of deep faith whose Christian values shape our actions and decisions. Second, we can use our position and influence to make a positive impact in his community and the world. He did it, why can’t we? Third, he was willing to stand up for what was right, even in the face of intense opposition and criticism. This should be the norm for us today.

I hope this is inspiring you to rise up and make a difference by living out your faith with conviction and courage, just like Daniel and William did.

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