The modern Christian man faces a battlefield unlike any his forefathers encountered. While past generations wrestled with external hardships, the contemporary Christian grapples with a different enemy: distraction. A plethora of seemingly good activities — endless entertainment, career pressures, and even well-intentioned volunteer work — can consume precious time, leaving men far from the deeper connection with God they crave.

The Bible is replete with examples of men who actively sought God’s guidance for their work. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt only after discerning God’s call through the burning bush (Exodus 3). David, a man of action, wouldn’t even go to battle without first seeking the Lord’s approval (1 Samuel 23:2). These men, though facing very different circumstances, understood that true success hinged on aligning their actions with God’s purpose.

Today’s Christian man often operates differently. The constant barrage of information and entertainment creates a culture of busyness, where busyness itself becomes a badge of honor. Men may fill their schedules with “good” works, volunteering at church or local charities, but this activity can become a substitute for genuine discernment. They become so busy “doing” that they neglect the vital step of “listening” to God’s specific calling in their lives.

Furthermore, the ease of access to information creates a paradox of choice. With countless opportunities at their fingertips, men can struggle with decision fatigue. The fear of missing out on a “better” opportunity can lead to a scattered approach, engaging in a multitude of endeavors without truly excelling in any. This lack of focus not only hinders their effectiveness but also diminishes the impact they could have in God’s work.

Contrasting this reality with the lives of past generations highlights the stark difference. Early Christians, facing persecution and hardship, had a laser focus on their faith. Their daily lives were a constant test of their commitment, leaving little room for distractions. Likewise, historical figures like William Wilberforce, the British politician who fought to abolish slavery, devoted his life to a singular, God-given purpose. Their dedication serves as a powerful reminder that a life well-lived is not about quantity, but about aligning oneself with God’s will.

So, how can Christian men in the 21st century reclaim their time and focus on what truly matters?

I don’t claim to have all the answers and they might be different for the different people but let me try.

1. Prayer – simple but tried and true

I suggest the first step is a commitment to intentional prayer. Setting aside dedicated time for quiet reflection and communication with God allows Him to speak and guide. This isn’t about checking a box or squeezing in a quick prayer before rushing off to the next activity. Cultivating a space for open communication with God is essential for discerning His will.

2. Spend some time to analyze how you spend time

Secondly, a critical evaluation of current commitments is necessary. Men should take a hard look at their schedules and activities, asking themselves a crucial question: “Is this what God is calling me to do right now?” Eliminating projects that no longer align with their faith journey or that are simply time-wasters frees up space for activities that truly glorify God.

3. Avoid FOMO, remain content

Finally, embracing a spirit of contentment can be a powerful antidote to the “fear of missing out” mentality. Trusting that God has a specific plan, and focusing on excelling in the tasks He sets before them, allows men to find peace and purpose in their current endeavors.

Ultimately, the challenge for Christian men is not to abandon all activity. Rather, it’s about aligning our actions with God’s will. By prioritizing prayerful discernment, ruthlessly removing distractions, and embracing contentment, we can overcome the modern distractions and commit our time and energy to activities that truly glorify God.

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Jeff Hagen
President & Founder
Hill Cities, Inc.

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