About a year ago, Jordan Peterson, a Canadian university professor, went out on a limb and published a passionate message to the Christian churches in the West.

Now, Jordan’s not one to mince words, and he’s stepping up to the plate with a message he believes is important.

So, what’s this all about? Well, it all started back in 2017 when Jordan took a risk and rented out a theater in Toronto to talk about the psychological aspects of ancient stories, particularly in Genesis. To his surprise, those lectures sold out, and they attracted millions of viewers, from Christians to atheists. But what’s really interesting is that most of the live audience and online viewers were young men.

Why is that a big deal? Jordan breaks it down for us. He talks about how young people today, especially young men, are dealing with a serious case of demoralization. It’s like they’re caught in a web of historical guilt, and there are folks out there trying to weaponize that guilt.

He dives into how boys are often scolded for their typical boyish behaviors and interests. Things like playing with toy guns and getting a bit rough and tumble are seen as problematic. It’s as if society wants them to be all calm and obedient, which isn’t really in their nature.

Then there are those three big accusations Jordan talks about. First, there’s this idea that Western culture is this oppressive patriarchy that’s all about power and selfishness. Second, there’s this notion that humans are wrecking the planet, and we’re like a cancer on Earth. And third, there’s this bashing of male ambition, saying it’s all about power and exploitation.

Jordan’s not holding back when he says these ideas are not just wrong; they’re way off the mark. He’s calling them out as anti-true, and that’s a pretty bold statement.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Jordan sees the Christian church as a potential remedy for all this confusion. He is literally giving Christian churches “the recipe” and tells leaders to go out and put up a sign by their church: “Young men, you’re welcome here!”

This is a powerful nudge to churches and more specifically to us as men, telling us to step up our game. Instead of getting caught up in social justice or environmental battles, he’s saying, “Focus on souls, that’s your job.” It’s a call to action for churches to be a guiding light for young men who might feel adrift.

In the end, Jordan’s message is a wake-up call. It’s about unity, purpose, and finding your place in a world that sometimes seems chaotic. And it’s not just for Christians; it’s a message that speaks to the challenges young men everywhere are facing in today’s society.

If this commentary has piqued your interest, I strongly encourage you to watch the original video. Dive into Jordan Peterson’s words and ideas firsthand. See what he has to say about the challenges facing young men and the role of the Christian church. It’s a message that’s making waves, and it’s worth your time.

Now, I’m genuinely curious about what you think. How does Jordan Peterson’s message resonate with you? Do you see parallels in your own life or the lives of those around you? Are you inspired by his call for unity, purpose, and meaning in a sometimes confusing world?

So here’s the deal: Watch the video, then drop your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s kickstart a conversation about these crucial issues and how they impact our lives, our communities, and our society. Your perspective matters, and I’m eager to hear what you have to say. Let’s get the dialogue going!

Here is the video:

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Jeff Hagen
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2 Replies to “Jordan Peterson to churches – invite the young men”

  1. Great message on the current state of affairs in regard to the minds of young men, how we got there and what we can do to encourage them to find out who they are and whose they are in Christ. However, I ask myself, is it good to encourage churches that are not operating in a Faith plus nothing equals salvation mode to invite them? They may ultimately further burden these young men with works, sacraments and traditions in order to achieve good standing with God. I don’t have the answer, but it certainly deserves some thought and prayer before speaking and acting. Kudos to Jordan Peterson for being a voice in the wilderness!
    If anyone wants to get a clearer picture of how we are saved by Faith plus nothing according to scripture, I encourage you to YouTube Les Feldick and listen to his teachings on Romans and Galatians. Shalom

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