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So what do Christian men care about these days?

Based on our research, it seems Christian men in America are currently focusing on various aspects of their faith and personal lives but remain very engaged in discussions about authentic masculinity, the importance of family, and the role of men in society. Many are seeking out influential content creators, books, and podcasts that provide insights into the true teachings of the Bible on these topics.

Additionally, there is a growing interest in the gospel among young adult men, and some are finding hope and purpose in their faith during these uncertain times.

On a personal level, Christian men are emphasizing the importance of carrying their cross daily, taking care of their families, denying their own desires, and making time for prayer and reflection.

Will Spencer, from The Renaissance of Men Podcast (https://renofmen.com/links), said this recently:

“The rise of influential masculine Christian content creators, books, podcasts and more. That’s informing men about the true teachings of the Bible about the family.

Men are not hearing those teachings in their churches. They’re gonna want to hear it.”

Nancy Pearcey, author of The Toxic War on Masculinity, said this:

“My dive into the research (Toxic War on Masculinity) found that men who identify as evangelical & attend church regularly are the most loving and engaged husbands and fathers.”

Blogger Faine Greenwood says: “…Smoking meat, carpentry, furniture restoration, beer brewing, lockpicking, backpacking, model aircraft…these are all very traditionally masculine pursuits that have gigantic online communities nowadays.”

Young social media influencers Preston Parra says:
“Why has the Roman Empire trend taken off?

Because the American male population, particularly the Christ-following demographic, is YEARNING for:


Overall, based on our research, it seems like traditional American men and a Christian men in particular, are currently focusing on family, faith, and personal growth. They are increasingly interested in authentic masculinity and the role of men in society.

These and other similar topics will drive the messaging here on Hill Cities as we pursue the mission to help men go deeper with God and each other!

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Jeff Hagen
President & Founder
Hill Cities, Inc.

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  1. Fine comments concentrating on bringing back the masculinity to parenting and encouraging a loving family. The evil one is terribly active in today world. Trusting in the Lord is key to a strong family life.

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