A New Breed of Christian Evangelists in the Workplace

In recent years, there has been a growing movement of Christian men who are seeking to share their faith in the workplace. These men are not content to simply live their lives as Christians in isolation; they are eager to share the love of Christ with their colleagues and co-workers.


Iron Sharpens Iron: Building Meaningful Connections with Like-Minded Men

If any man wants to develop confidence and discipline, and be recognized as a reliable, self-sufficient person, it’s crucial to surround yourself with individuals who challenge you to improve. It seems like a straightforward idea, doesn’t it?


From Disciples to Brothers: The Biblical Basis for Christian Men’s Fellowship

The idea of Christian men’s fellowship is not a new concept. From the disciples who followed Jesus to the early church in Acts, men have gathered together in a community of faith to learn, grow, and support one another. In fact, the Bible is full of examples of men who forged strong bonds of brotherhood as they navigated the challenges of living a life of faith.