Marketplace Gatherings

Big Audacious Attainable Goals
Creating a City on a Hill - The call of Christ to become a city on a hill implies a vibrant community of faith that dramatically impacts real life.

Hearing the Voice of God is more fulfilling, challenging, and invigorating than anything. Participating in a vibrant gathering of God's people is part of that process. Join other business leaders in seeking true community with God and each other.

Conviction Formation - In community and in God's Word, we develop core convictions that begin to guide our lives.

A Changed WorldView
Do You Want Lifechanging Fulfillment? In view of a deeping faith, a discovered purpose, a vibrant community, and the ability to change a generation; we find an uncommon fulfillment!

A Changed Outlook! Your view of life, work, God, and purpose will find a revolutionary transformation and fulfillment in the community of the Gathering and in the blessing of the transformation of others.