"Coaching," for us, can take many different formats. We can meet one-on-one over coffee and discuss important life questions, or we can meet in a group setting with an entire company over lunch, or something in between.

Coffee Coachings - Effectiveness, Fulfillment, and Purpose Go Together
What happens in a coffee coaching? In a one-on-one Coffee Coaching, we build trust toward working with the core of who you are.
From there we talk about topics that create an integration of faith and work, building a more rewarding relationship with Christ, more impact in the marketplace, and more significant results.

Interactive Discussions - Creating an Environment for Impact
Our goal is to create palpable sensitivity to God and others in the Marketplace for an honoring impact in both work and life. By gaining Emotional intelligence, developing openness to God and each other, and gaining spiritual insight from the Word, we can artfully reveal truth to bring light, significance, and greatness in your vocation.

These Businesses Have Hosted Hill Cities:
Lake Minnetonka Investment Group
B and B AdCrafters
Cherry Creek Mortgage
Ultimate Data Systems
Murphy Brothers Construction
Imani Sports
Krech, Obrien, Mueller, Wass
MA Peterson Co.
Kirchner Jewelers
Conspec Corp.

Our Commitment to You:
At Hill Cities, we hold Coaching in extremely high regard. Because of this, we are committed to our conversations being:

Personalized Care - Understanding who you are, what are your challenges, and your giftings
Trusting Christ - What are your barriers to a new rewarding faith?
Relationship with Christ - Steps to a growing, living, and rewarding relationship with Christ
Alignment - Bringing your vision, path, faith, and passions into alignment with each other
Hearing the Voice - How to hear Christ speak to your heart
Voca-tion - God's calling is toward work
Thirst for Spiritual Place - The Truths and realities of Christ in everyday life
Loving your neighbor - Creating compassion and mission in the marketplace
Spiritual disciplines - Bringing new life to prayer, Bible study, home life, and sharing your faith
Finding Connection - Connecting with other business leaders with your values and passions